SA Social Services

" Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven "


Our charity programmes help those people who have no hope

EDUCATE A CHILD, a programme launched in Sri Lanka, which aims to significantly reduce the numbers of children who are missing out on their right to education. We believes strongly that all children must have every opportunity to survive and thrive in education. 

Education is provided free in Sri Lanka, but the materials needed to help with learning are not. The SA Social Services raises money to help talented young people to buy books, pens, school bags, uniforms… even bicycles – whatever it takes to overcome their daily challenges and get the education they deserve.

Why educate a child?

How can your money educate a child?

Every second matters, every penny counts. Every child deserves a future.Their future is in your hands. 

Your Gift Will Change Lives.

Your Donations Really Do Make A Difference.

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